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An Easter Experience of Freeing Earthbounds

On Easter the sun was shining and we decided to make an excursion to Vallamand. It is a little old village in the French speaking area at the Lake Murten in the Canton of Vaud. It turned out to be a special Easter walk.

We parked near the lake at the jetty with a beautiful panorama – the sight seeing boats, however, were not yet around. Following the circular educational trail about the cultivation of wine, we arrived at a cemetery with a church in the vineyards. My wife Cyrille asked me, “Do you also feel there are some earthbound souls around?” and so we sat under a tree in the middle of the cemetery. Some of the gravestones showed dates from the 19th century while a few were even younger than the birth dates and age of our children.

We invoked the help from the planes of Light and then called the earthbounds. Cyrille guided the process and I followed it inside. We felt the presence of a number of beings. Cyrille spoke to them and explained their situation and how they should to turn to the Light. Within a few minutes we felt that most of them were gone.

Cyrille, however, then sensed the presence of an earthbound with some problems – of a man who, as she felt, died with an asphyxiation a longer time ago, probably during a disease. He got stuck in this feeling of agony . Suddenly there was a tinge of a heavy mood in the sun-filled afternoon air. With the help of a regression technique, Cyrille led him: “Go straight through it”, just like she had gone through a similar past-life experience guided by her trainer. Then, for the first time, the man was through and we felt his relief to be now in the spiritual world. He seemed to disappear. We thanked the invisible angelic helpers and set on with our walk.

Some hundred meters later, Cyrille stopped: she felt the man again but this time full of joy. He had approached again to express his gratitude for the assistance and then disappeared. It was an unexpected Easter experience with the resurrection of souls.

In the last years, we increasingly came into contact with this sort of subtle help and similar kinds of spirit releasement work. We first encountered it through Anton Styger, as Swiss clairvoyant (some time ago I translated his website about intermediary worlds). Later we came across more profound research work such as the book “Freeing the Captives” by Louise Ireland-Frey, or “Spirit Releasement Therapy” by William J. Baldwin, sharpening our understanding. Cyrille intensely entered into this work and assists people, also via Skype, with spiritual releasement and regression.

We continued our walk along the vine cultivation trail speaking about the major thresholds and turning points in our lives. I noticed that the profound crises took 4 to 5 years from their harbingers to the climax and the final integration into the current of life. And as a part of integration new vistas are opening for a deeper understanding. The sensitivity for the releasement work is also a result of such an inner transformation.

Walking towards infinity…. at the jetty, view with the Alps at the horizon

A “turning point”, at the end of the jetty

View of the little harbour, with our red car

The church with the cemetery surrounded by vineyards

We sat on a bench under the tree in the centre

A little Easter bunny in the bushes

A spring swing

A painting by Nicholas Roerich of Christ descending into the nether worlds for redeeming the beings



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