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Meetings in Buenos Aires: Sudama Centre and Teatro Quiron

Last week on Wednesday morning, the group visited Sudama, a centre dedicated to a variety of social service activities. At the centre Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar gave a talk on the importance of selfless service to society and expressed his deep admiration for the work done at Sudama. Afterwards the group members presented self-made healthy food items to to our group from the West.

I had a very cordial talk with several members of Sudama. They told me about the great spectrum of their service activities, and they do it in silence: They are giving support to people in need in different fields of the society – in prisons, psychiatries, in areas of great need on the countryside, where people live in great poverty, to children (support to schools), in the area of health (a number of doctors is collaborating) and especially in the field of healthy nutrition / cooking, where they instruct people how to follow a healthy vegetarian diet. The group is also publishing a magazine about healthy living.

Sudama is working as a group since 30 years; Sri Kumar gave the name to the group and visited it every time he came to Argentina. I was deeply impressed by their dedication, high standard and perseverance of the service work done.

In the evening we went to the Teatro Quiron, a centre for cultural activities run by a member of the WTT, where Dr. Kumar spoke about inner normalisation with the help of sound, colour, symbol and number.

Last Thursday the group went / flew to Santa Fe. My impressions will follow soon – the internet-connection was difficult the last days and I was online only for a few minutes.

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  1. Kaliprasad Indraganti Says:

    My heart felt respects to the Group Members of Brothern “Sudama”. I am really happy by seeing your post & visit of our Grand Master ” KPK” . I enjoyed all the photos that you have posted here together with my Daughter & all family members at US , Ohaio, Powell City. . . Kaliprasad.Indraganti. FluteVidwan

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