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Clay Art: Mikhail Sadovnikov – Dance on the Circle

Mikhail Sadovnikov, a Russian artist and former mathematician, uses a spinning potter’s wheel to create hypnotizing dynamic patterns from out of wet clay sludge. On a high level of artistry, he transforms and melts the design to ever changing geometrical forms. The beautiful video “Dance on the Circle” is accompanied by a calm but driving Russian music.

Here is another video about Mikhail Sadovnikov, “The Magic Of the Pottery Wheel“, where he shows children his unique ability to create magic images – and the children enjoy creating their own ones. And if you can read Russian – here is an article with some pictures about the creation of this outstanding performance. Mikhail’s clay art reminded me of the sand art by Ilana Yahav, about which I had blogged 6 years ago.

Dance on the circle

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  1. Janet Sue Gagliardi Says:

    I love the art AND the music. Thank you so much!

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