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Traces in Sand

Many things we are doing seem to be ephemeral, without leaving any traces. The desire to leave behing something lasting is with many people, not only politicians. It often reminds one of building castles in sand, being washed away with the next tide. A fascinating play with creation of out of sand is on, where you find videos of an artists drawing in sand.
Not all “traces in sand” however are ephemeral. There are landmarks of the Great Ones surviving thousands of years, like those of Buddha or Christ, who haven’t even written a book themselves. They came from the depth of the source of creation, with the full power of spirit behind. There is a beautiful legend from the Leaves of Morya’s Garden about the Signs of the Christ, with a painting of the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich. It is an inspiring tale about the founding of the inner temple, which is not made of sand or by bricks and mortar, but of the tissue of the eternal.

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