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Today is sunday – the meteorologists expect not just a sunny day. Clouds however don’t bother the sun, just us, he continues shining. In spirituality the sun stands for spirit, the eternal, while the moon, with its phases of waxing and waning, for matter. Very significant that today in the West we start the week with Monday, and Sunday is just a day off, at the very end of the week. Here even the shopping times are slowly extended, “for a better economy” as they say. Economy rules, we are in a materialistic mainstream time.
The sun continues to be the centre of our system, even if scientists since long have discovered its tiny dimensions in the vast surrounding. Not to speak of the lost dimensions of inner significance. Sun stands for light, and thus consciousness. Sunday is a good day to align with it. It somehow has a different quality than Saturday or Monday, it’s not just a cultural convenience. Having Friday as the centre and moon as the central planet for yearly rhythms gives a lot to think of, even down to politics and the so-called clash of cultures.
When installing this blog I have set the time to a weekly start on Sunday, and may this continue to be so, also with the way the blog proceeds.

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