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Airing Out – A Walk in Nature

I like very much airing out in nature. Whenever possible, my wife and I go out for a walk on Sunday afternoon. It is a good occasion for reflecting on experiences, events or persons , especially when walking on a hill with a view into the distance. While walking thoughts get cleared out and nature replenishes the “stocks of prana”.

Before each walk I’m intensely studying the trail map of the area to find a new spot or a place where we haven’t been for some time. And there are plenty of paths in the surroundings. So I’d like to take you with us on yesterday’s afternoon walk.

I chose the Falkenfluh, about 25 km from where we are living. Falken means falcon, and Fluh is an expression for a rock face. Though there were no falcons around, it is a very beautiful place at the foothills of the Alps.

From where we parked our car there was a beautiful view down, with the Lake Thun in the background. It wasn’t raining in the afternoon but the clouds were still hanging deep and veiled the Alps of the Bernese Oberland.


When we crossed the first little forest there were wood-strawberries all along the way. Later, on the top of the Falkenfluh, there were raspberry bushes and along one forest even blueberries. We could advance only slowly, the berries were too delicious.

At the entrance of a country house, Amor was waiting for sweet victims but there weren’t many around…


A little further ahead, we discovered a ramp leading over the cliff into the abyss: a jumping-off point for delta planes and other para-gliders.


Some meters ahead, there was a triangulation point marking the geographic centre of the Canton of Bern. And the Swiss Geomatic Society was celebrating an anniversary and inviting to register in a guest-book to participate in a raffle for a GPS…


Old apple trees on a meadow were heavily loaded with fruits.


Following the path, we arrived at a little farmhouse where children on the balcony told us the direction to follow: Turning to the left and along the barn, where some hens were running through the grass


We opened a pasture gate; the path became a small trail running over the meadow. A huge linden tree spread its aura far over the little valley. On an “emotrance seminar”, my wife has learnt to observe trees by asking whether they are willing to share their energy or not. Many trees, especially young ones, are not but huge, well-grown trees are spreading their energy all around. You could clearly feel the energetic presence of the linden tree even at a distance.


The air was filled with the ringing of the bells of the sheep. Here in Switzerland, sheep and cows often wear bells, so that you can easily find them – without GPS (I recently read about the tagging of animals with codes injecting the chips subcutaneously – for “better registration” and easier delivery at the butchery…)


A little further ahead we walked up a steep trail up the mountain. The earth was still very humid from the rain of the previous days and we walked zigzag over the roots.

At the top a lady was waiting with her mountain bike. When we came out of the tree alley, she started driving downward, over the slippery ground. It was steeper than the photo shows:


The path led us along the forest with a beautiful view over the meadows. When we stopped at a bench, we saw that people were just preparing a delta glider at the ramp. And again there were bushes with berries but had enough and started going down again.







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