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A Magic Touch of Krishna

When I set out to write the new Lunar Messenger for the month of Leo on Lord Krishna I felt again his magic touch. And thoughts of previous encounters came to my mind. I remember well how I noticed this touch of the presence consciously for the first time in the mid-70s of last century, when I read the newly published German version of a booklet, “The Heart of a Gopi” – “Das Herz einer Gopi” (PDF, by Raihana Tyabji, 1924, not available as English PDF) – stories about the enchanting influence of Krishna.

My first impressions of Krishna in the Europe of the 70s, however, were a bit weird: Bald-headed people in orange clothes with a queue at the back of the skull and chanting Hare Krishna were quite exotic appearances in the shopping promenades of the German city where I was studying. Years later, I had some “culinary contacts” with them – for a while the Hare Krishna people run an excellent restaurant in Berne, and one of them walking through the city gave me a free copy of their Vedic cook book…

The most intense encounter with Krishna’s magic was in the early 90s, when I translated Master EK’s “Music of the Soul” and “Man Sacrifice” about the life of Lord Krishna – these versions weren’t the ones published later. During the months of translation, I often felt blissful and like in a trance. My wife also experienced it while proof-reading. I did the translation in a time of intense inner and outer transformations and it was a strangely uplifting experience. Especially Music of the Soul I read a number of times, also in English as a “language course” with a friend. I relived the thrill when in 2012 Master EK’s “The World Teacher. Advent of Lord Krishna” was finally published in English and German. I received it from Sri Kumar and immediately dived into it.

My approach, however, was not a straight route and only slowly it took to a more differentiated shape. Chanting was definitely not my path, I found out end of the 80s when leaving the Sai Baba movement. In the 90s I bought in a second hand bookshop at a bargain price the complete 12 vol. edition Srimad Bhagavatam of Vedavyasa, in German, by Swami Prabhupada, dealing mainly with the life of Krishna. When I took some of the books to the next meeting of my then-teacher and his group, he made some derogatory remarks about the Swami and the books. His impact made me throw all the volumes in the garbage the next day. It took me quite long to trust my inner impulses and not to follow what I believe to be right, because I have heard it from someone, even if I regard him as my teacher.

I’m learning more and more to be vigilant about the energies I feel, their quality and expression, and Krishna is definitely enchanting for me. I don’t feel Hindu or like a “devotee” – it’s not my soul mood – but fascinated by the touch of the subtle presence. It was there when I translated orally comics and stories about the life of Krishna for our children while they were young. And when I did the three pictures on Lord Krishna (see below), each time this presence was strongly felt. I don’t try to analyse but just let the magic take effect on me. It is beyond mental concepts, it just IS.

However, you don’t need to put off your mind to get the touch of the presence – it is like being on two planes at the same time. I experienced it when I did on my PC an extensive collection of material of what Dr. K.P. Kumar and Dr. E. Krishnamacharya said on Krishna and when I ventured to condense it to the essence for the Lunar Messenger. But the touch of the presence clearly pointed out the way to take.

Krishnas birth was on 18 July 3228 BC, his  birthday is celebrated on the 8th descending moon phase of Leo – this year on Sunday, 17th of August.

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6 Responses to “A Magic Touch of Krishna”

  1. Aparna Hari Says:

    Beautiful paintings Ludger !
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Thank you Aparna for your feedback! Regards Ludger

  3. v v b s murthy Says:


    May I have the Enish version of the “The Heart of a Gopi”
    in German being attached.

    Thanks and with regards

  4. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Dear Murthy
    I don’t have the English book (nor even any longer the German one), I just googled for it, remembering the name.
    I saw that you can buy it on
    or cheaper on Ebay:
    In some antiquarian shops it was also available. Please make a google search from India, it will give other results as well:
    Raihana Tyabji “The Heart of a Gopi”

    There is even a musical about it:

    With regards

  5. meenakshi vepa Says:

    ‘I don’t try to analyse but just let the magic take effect on me. It is beyond mental concepts, it just IS.’
    this sentence is amazing and it is true with anybody .only offering ourselves totally [sarva samarpana ] is the only key to experience krishna
    the paintings are wonderful

  6. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Thank you for your kind feedback, Meenakshi. Yes, the Presence of Krishna is just the pure experience.
    Kind regards

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