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A Self-Experiment

We all face challenges in life and learn to overcome what is blocking us. Striving to overcome obstacles is mainly an inner process, and all the more when you tackle your inner barriers, weaknesses or wounds. We chose the challenges ourselves, as a program of our soul, even if the situations seem to come from the outside.

Since my childhood I got dizzy when looking down from a rock, a bridge or a high building. There was an ache in my belly and I had to step back.

October 2012, a new pedestrian bridge had been inaugurated in Sigriswil near the Lake Thun, leading over a deep gorge. The bridge has a length of 340 m and the gorge is 182 m deep – and you have a gorgeous view of the lake and the Bernese Alps with the Jungfrau.


My wife and I went there shortly after the inauguration. There were a lot of people crossing the bridge, and though it is very solidly constructed it is vibrating and swinging. While walking over the bridge I felt so dizzy that I had to half-close my eyes, cling with one hand anxiously to the banister and with the other hold the hand of my wife. Thus I managed crossing the abyss but did not dare to look down. With the head I knew that there was no danger but my system responded otherwise.

Yesterday I proposed to my wife to go for a walk in Sigriswil and then also cross the bridge again.

View of the bridge from above the village, the the background you see the Lake of Thun.

My wife had just done a formation in EmoTrance in Germany and she proposed doing an exercise with me, when the dizziness would come again on the bridge. So we entered the bridge. After about 100 m I stopped and looked down to the lake, softly breezing: The dizziness and the ache in the belly were there but not extreme.

Looking down from the bridge

The pathway with Mount Jungfrau in the background

My wife made me locate the centre of the ache in the lower abdomen and visualise the blocked energies getting into a circulation and search for a way out of the body. I let it flow down towards the feet and out. The unpleasant feeling in the abdomen remained. After several turns it became a little better. We crossed the bridge and continued with the exercise standing on firm ground again – letting the energy circulate and “wash out” the blockages. Then we had an ice-cream in a panorama restaurant.

Mount Niesen overlooking the Lake Thun

On the way back I entered the bridge and fixed my gaze on the persons ahead. I was astonished that I could walk over the bridge and even look down without getting dizzy. The unpleasant feeling in the abdomen had disappeared. My wife commented, “It is an energetic thing, and when the energy is no more blocked, the emotion is no more there.” For me it was a big step of overcoming an old inner barrier.



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