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Jadav Payeng, the Forest Man

This morning a Canadian friend sent me the link to a site from “Positive News“, “The Man who Planted a Forest“. At first I thought it was about “The Man who Planted Trees” from Jean Giono, but it was a fascinating article about Jadav Payeng, an environmental activist and forestry worker in India‚Äôs Assam region, who by planting seeds along a barren sandbar of the river Brahmaputra near his birthplace created a huge forest. There is also a good article about him in Wikipedia. Now, there are thousands of trees and five tigers, three rhinos, reptiles, birds and other animals.

By the way, there is an UNEP programme to plant billions trees about which I blogged 6 years ago when it was a plan to plant a billion trees – now they are heading for many billions – and it is needed on the planet! And there is a good story about planting seeds and honesty.

Jadav Payeng, from Wikipedia

2 Responses to “Jadav Payeng, the Forest Man”

  1. julie Oxford Says:

    Precious, Ludger! And so crucial, especially because geo-engineering is killing off the boreal forest, the “lungs” of the planet.

  2. Greener Pastures Says:


    We’re running a small fundraiser for Jadav Payeng since the last year and are very near to completion. But we still need people to participate. Here is the link if any one is interested.


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