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The Man Who Planted Trees

Some days ago I came across the site, where you can add sub-titles to videos. I found there a beautiful animated film, “L’homme qui plantait des arbres” (The man who planted trees), based on the short story of Jean Giono from 1953 and produced by the Société Radio Canada in 1987. It is now a public-domain film and short story. The film is in French with sub-titles in many languages, also in English.

It is the story about a shepherd who planted over many years, between World War 1 and 2 trees in a remote region of France and thus transformed the whole area. I read it about 20 years ago and like it very much. Though it is a fictional story, the message had a great impact. and there are many who feel inspired by it, like the UNEP Campaign to plant a billion trees.

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