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Coming out of the Clouds

Last Sunday the weather was grey and high fog covered the sky. At noon it cleared up and we decided to go on the nearby Belpberg mountain. When driving up the hill we came again into thick fog and first thought it was a bad idea to go up. But then we pierced through the clouds and there was an incredible golden autumn light with a brilliant view of the Alps.

Coming out of the fog reminded me of coming out of the fog of dreamy-drowsy thoughts in meditation, when you are a bit sleepy. It sometimes happens that suddenly the inner sky clears up and consciousness, which is always there like the blue sky, becomes vast and radiant of light. Enjoy the photos.

Magical light through the fog

Mystical stones between the trees

Piercing sun rays

Autum sun reflections


Walking up the hill

The view opens up

No question where to go – the path is clear…

The Bernese Alps with view over to Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau

On the ridge

Two helicopters arrived

Dreaming of jumping through the air

The sea of fog in the valley, and above – resplendent light

The sun reflecting in the sea of fog

A farmhouse just coming out of the fog

Little village on the mountain

Walking into the Light


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  1. G.Srinivas Says:

    Many thanks for sharing !! You made us travel with the light

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