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Most Energetic Source of Light

A friend send me this morning a link to an article in the German Spiegel magazine about a new discovery of astronomers of a quasar, being the brightest object discovered in the cosmos.

This quasar by name SDSS J1106+1939 from the sign of Leo sends out annually the matter mass of 400 suns into the cosmos with about 30 million km/h. This matter stream radiates about 100 times more energy than the entire milky-way, and it contains about 2 million million times (2 trillion) more energy than our sun radiates, as will be reported in a research to be published in the next issue of the American “Astrophysical Journal”. It is 5 times higher than the maximum energy discovered before.

This stream has been registered by the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile. Astronomers think that quasars are super mass rich black holes, which normally absorb matter, but also throw out a part of the matter back into the cosmos. The quasar radiates 1000 light years into the surrounding galaxy. You find more articles about this quasar on the web, like this one here.

The time of the discovery of this tremendous source of light seems to be in an interesting synchrony with the upliftment of our system at the present moment.

Below is an illustration by the ESO of this Quasar.

Credit: ESO/L. Cal├žada

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