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Experiments with Transformation

Going away from my profession was and is a profound spiritual lesson and experience for me. It is a kind of experiment in letting go and being joyful in the heart, without any resentment. I had been been intensely working on this during the last months, also together with my wife, and this in several ways. Besides the inner meditative and energetic work there were some other experimental dimensions in letting go and de-blocking  energies:

We did an inner cleaning work with detoxification by means of a liver and gallbladder flush as recommended in a book by Andreas Moritz and a colon cleansing; we did it several times with astonishing results and it increased the vitality.

In May a good friend sent me a PDF of a book by Michael Newton, an American psychiatrist who has developed a lives between lives hypnotherapy.  With deep interest I read this summer 2 of his works, Journeys of Souls and Destiny of Souls. These books on  spiritual regression, written in a research-oriented attitude, left a profound impact on me. They opened and deepened very much my understanding of the pre-incarnation periods. And so I became curious to go myself into an experience. For years I had a sceptical attitude towards regression and would not have dared to do such a work.

Via the website of Michael Newton I found a French / American therapist, Dr. Dominique Glaub,  and asked her when she would be in Switzerland. She replied, in November, but that she also works via Skype. I decided to try it, and to my astonishment this goes very well. Experiences with several old topics came to the surface and steps of a transformation showed up. So I decided to do a series of sessions over 6 months.

Dominique is now in Europe for 3 weeks and my wife and I met her for a session last Tuesday in Montreux at the Lake of Geneva.

On the highway – reflections of the Lake greeted us through the bushes.

We parked in the Casino parking and to our surprise came out in the gambling hall – what experience were awaiting us?

The hotel where Dominique stayed was near the lake. Since we were a bit early we had a little walk.

The regression led me deeper and deeper; she guided me through scenes of peaceful nature to a door and made me write a word on it. The door opened and I was inside.

An impression of a female figure clad in long brocade-like clothes came up, but dissolved again. For a while I was like hanging in space, no other images came. Then my body had little jerks and a feeling and images came: I was running down a rugged hill-path with rocks along the way. I felt persecuted by a man and tried to escape. He was faster, for he was riding on a horse, coming nearer and nearer. He held a lance in his hand, made me stop and shouted at me full of fierce rage. Then he pierced me with his lance, smashing it into my body. He obviously enjoyed killing me – I didn’t know why. I was covered all over with blood and then came out of the body, observing the scene from above, relaxed.

Dominique made me go back to the moment of being killed and asked about my emotions. I was full of anxiety, being locked down to the ground, helpless, powerless.

Then Dominique made me bi-locate into the person on the horse and describe his feelings. He was very angry with the other person on the ground, he was convinced that he had a right to kill him and did it with a grim joy, triumphant.

I was led back to the early childhood of this rider, to experience from where all started: Images came. He was playing with a ball and it was taken away by a stronger one. He felt powerless and suppressed his anger. This feeling of being powerless and the suppressed anger connect this young boy with the elder victim. Now the grown-up boy was in the position of the vanquisher, the stronger one, and he enjoyed his power.

Asked what is the connection with my present life situation I answered I experienced powerlessness and a feeling of injustice when I got my notice of termination, and my boss was in the power-position. I understood the message and decided to go away in peace, leaving the learnings of my boss to himself. I wanted to go with a firm stand, look into his eyes and tell him that I feel no resentment nor anger against him – and then to go my way, unhurt and with dignity.

This I did on the 15th, at the exit interview. When he proposed to have a view back on the last year, I didn’t go into the past but told him that I have a present for him, a card of my paintings. He was surprised, chose one and put it on his shelf in the office. I went out in peace and joy.

This was a direct result of the regression experience. For me it doesn’t matter whether it is “past life” or creative imagining. I didn’t make any direct connection between the persons in the inner journey and any outer ones. Like with the previous regressions the one in Montreux gave me a profound relief and transformation.

While my wife was doing her session, I went along the Lake of Geneva. It was a beautiful autumn evening light. While it was getting dark I sat on a bench, taking notes of my experiences. And later we sat in a Pizzeria, exchanging, before we drove back through the night.

Last sunrays over the Dents du Midi mountains in the background of the lake in blue evening light.

Nightfall at the lake

2 Responses to “Experiments with Transformation”

  1. julie Oxford Says:


    How fascinating! How interesting that the solution came to you to honor your boss with a simple, loving “embrace” via your painting gift–now he will be reminded of how to respond in life situations, closing his own life chapters with goodwill grace.

    Oh, how lovely and peaceful is your sentiment. How the Masters must be smiling above! If we could all act similarly, the Golden Age will come about quickly…

  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    🙂 Yes, I thought that this way is much more transforming than discussing… I especially enjoyed the handing-over of my job to my successor during the last 2 weeks – a lady who had worked with Google in California and Dublin and with Doctors without Borders in London and Geneva. We had a very good time and I could hand over everything in a care-full way to a deeply sensitive and competent person. And when, at the end, she gave me a little Buddha statue as a fair-well gift and I a card of the paintings, she turned out to be meditating since years. So I left light-heartedly.

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