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Kalki – The Rider on the White Horse

First this picture didn’t show up clearly before my mind’s eye. When reading the chapter on Sagittarius in Spiritual Astrology just the impulse flashed in that it will be about Kalki. In the Eastern Puranas he is described as the 10th Avatar who comes to close the Dark Age. He is riding on a white horse, symbol of the purified energy of life. The saviour is said to destroy injustice, conduct judgement, sit on the throne and re-establish law.

I thought at once of the painting “Oirot – Messenger of the White Burkhan” by Nicholas Roerich, but in my inner view there was just the rider in a majestic posture, behind him spheres of light and mountains. However, the whole didn’t get clear. But there was the inner impulse saying, it will come.

To get an idea of the position I googled through many equestrian statues – but either the attitude of aristocrats was somehow too arrogant or too martial. When I saw a white marble statue from the Vatican I knew it was the right one, but I had to mirror and transform it. For the mountain range I looked through many sceneries of the Himalayas and made a collection, before I started on arranging the picture in Photoshop.

After some hours of work I thought that this time I wouldn’t get the picture done. I made pauses, observed the image again, prayed for help. One mountain scenery fascinated me very much. And suddenly there was the impulse of eagles coming in from above. Inter-penetrating spheres, fiery eruptions, colours of dawn. Finally the basic structure of the image was ready.

The next morning, Sunday during fire ritual, there was the inner lustre over the inner image. After breakfast I started to work on the printout, and now everything went very quick. The painting started its glow, and when I scanned it and worked it over again on the PC, the radiance shone in its beauty.

See “Images of Synthesis” for the image in high resolution.

05 August 2012, A 5, pencils, crayons and photo work on paper


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  1. Misty Says:

    What a beautiful picture! I really like the mountains and landscape, the the birds were a nice touch. The man looks like he is perhaps an angel/deity, or at the center of a sudden revelation of truth and glory. Nice work.

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