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Driving through the Roaring Sea

An impressive video of a ride on the Atlantic Road at the north-west coast of Norway. It was built in 1983-1989 and seems to be running through the roaring sea. The video was done the day after the storm “Dagmar” hit the shore and caused a lot of damage in the area.

The symbolic impact of the images is like an illustration of passing through rough times in one’s life. It reminded me of my feelings during a period one year ago till this spring. You are going ahead on your way, but there are gale-force winds and sometimes the road seems to be covered by spindrift clouding your vision.
Now the inner times have totally changed – my wife just called it the velvet blackness of unmanifest potential, quoting a thought of Barbara Ann Brennan in Light Emerging.

Map images from Wikipedia

Photo from the video (c)

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