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Morning Schedule and a Visit to the Planetary Healing Centre

Getting up this morning at about 4.30, taking a shower, doing asanas and then the morning prayer / meditation at 6 o’clock with Sri Kumar guiding – a soul-stirring morning – the noises from the outside and the cuckoo-clock violently ringing – nothing could disturb the soul-thrilling ambiance. Afterwards preparing breakfast. Many new-comers were standing around and didn’t know what to do and that it is a “self-service” – meaning you have to prepare everything yourself. So I started cleaning and then getting a translator to give instructions to the newbees – where to place the marmalades, how to install and operate the toasters, where to put the coffee etc. In the kitchen an group was busily preparing fruits, and Murthi with the cook doing idlis and sambar. The smell was spreading all over, and quickly the room filled with a sprightly morning chit-chat.

These days before Guru Pooja there isn’t yet any program, just “relaxing. Many wanted to do some shopping -not me. So after breakfast I was about to organise a taxi to go to the planetary healing centre, but I dropped into another deep conversation… I thought, oh, I won’t be time to go to the healing centre this morning. But when I came out of the room, a Spanish friend told me they would like to go shopping and then to the healing centre, if I would like to accompany them. I said, beautiful. And then other friends came and invited me to a direct ride to the centre, without shopping, and so we sat some minutes later and started on our little tour.

Visakhapatnam has incredibly grown the last years. I heard at noon that during the last 5 years they grew from 4 to 5 millions – al the main area. And you could see it on the way all along the coast – a big Novotel at the beach road, many more houses, all the palces where a few years ago there had just been bushes there were now apartments nearly till the place of the healing centres about 15 km away.

But the site of the centre is still so thrilling as it was, and even more, the place was very well kept this year, people were cleaning the ground, the centre building with the dome was freshly painted and even the place with the Maitreya statue was again under the shadows of a huge branch of a tree, where another tree had died 2 years ago. I gave a quick visit to Lord Maitreya and Lord Buddha, enjoying their presence.

Lord Maitreya blessing

Lord Buddha blessing

Then we sat in silence in Planetary Healing Centre, vibrating soul-stirring energy. After a while I started intonating 21 times OM, and the others fell in line – expansion, merging with the sound

In the silence afterward I suddenly started to hear a beautiful music coming from somewhere outside. We all sat there in this blessed ambiance.

The central pillar with the onyx globe from South America

Photographing the centre of the centre

Afterwards we went around the centre and to the littpe private ground where the owner and caretaker of this site is living in a beautiful roundhouse with some outer round houses.

A very organic architecture in this little paradise garden

The entire ground was very well kept, with beautiful flowers growing

Of course some photos of our little group had to be taken – and also of me…

Afterwards we sat for a while in front of the Maitreya statue and intonated the Maitreya song and the Narayana mantram, while some crows and a couple of birds of prey – probably kites –  flew around – messengers of the Spirit.

Probably a kite – as a friend wrote me

I first wanted to take a bath, but the others didn’t want to come – the sun was too glaring. People also had told me that in the bushes near the beach there are living several poisonous snakes, so I resigned from my favorite swim in the ocean.

We woke up the taxi driver who had slept all the time in his car and so he brought us back to the city. In the meantime a part of the Argentinean group had arrived and lunch was already waiting for us.

6 Responses to “Morning Schedule and a Visit to the Planetary Healing Centre”

  1. shivatronic Says:

    Om. Dear Ludger, please note that the stone is not onyx
    Some time ago – As I was wondering what was the stone- I request the master to know what is it and what it was meant for?

    his answer : “It is Agate stone, meant for healing, Love, Synthesis.
    It is brought from Iguazu.”

    Enjoy your journey
    Namaskaram Master

  2. Melodie Says:

    What a wonderful place

  3. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Dear Sébastien, Namaskarams. Thank you very much for the precision. I didn’t know.
    We just had a beautiful full moon meditation at the apartment where most of the Spanish are located near the beach, Capricornian energies in the air.

  4. Kaliprasad.Indraganti Says:

    Dear Brothern,

    My Heart felt regards for Postings of this highly vibrated “Healing Center” at our City of Destiny ‘VISAKHAPATNAM’ .I really enjoyed from US – Ohio-Dublin . . .
    I bow down our grand Master “KPK” … Namaskarams Master KPK to your Lotus Feet:
    With Divine Love,

  5. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Thank you very much Kaliprasad! Kind regards Ludger

  6. Ramya Says:

    Very well captured (Photographing the centre of the centre) Thank u so much 🙂

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