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Weaving Relationships or A Guardian Angel’s Work

Boxes are piling up in our living room – end of the month we are moving to a new apartment and, before leaving to India end of this week, we must be ready with the biggest bunch of materials…

Sunday evening I took down the mirror hanging at the entrance, a beautiful mirror with flowers painted on it. The story of this gift came to my mind – over 22 years ago an elder friend gave it to us on the occasion of our wedding. And there was another story behind:

The mirror

Easter 1984 this friend invited me to his house in Canadel at the Côte d’Azur in Southern France (Google street view from the place). He was a British-German architect who was constructing a very nice villa mainly by himself, and I spend about 3 beautiful weeks there helping him.

One day he asked me, “Don’t you have a girlfriend?” I said, “No”. – “I’ll get you one.” – “You are crazy.” – “I will see.”

Some weeks later he was at a spiritual seminar in Switzerland where he met a couple with their daughter. He told her that she should get to know me. She was curious and didn’t have a friend at that time. So he invited her and me to another seminar in Switzerland. I was living at that time in Northern Germany and told him, “No, I don’t come.” However, he invited me for another visit in Southern France for the time of the following New Year and I accepted.
I wasn’t aware that he also invited her, I didn’t want to be made a match, but that way I came to meet my future wife… We had four days together, and that was the beginning.

The only occasion I met our friend again was 3 years later when he came to see us in Switzerland – I had moved there in the meantime – to bring us the mirror as a wedding present.

We lost sight of the man. Time ran by. About 15 years later we were camping with our children near that place at the coast and had a look at the villa – it looked different. There was a French name at the premises and there was no sign of our friend. Some years later I googled his name, but there was a number of persons, none from the place in Germany where they lived.

Yesterday I did another search and came across a newspaper article about the 80th birthday of our friend, who in the meantime was living near Lake Constance in South Germany. This way it was easy to find his address and phone number. I rang him up yesterday evening. The voice at the phone was a bit surprised but sounded the same like 26 years ago. We quickly entered into a vivid conversation. He said he had sold the house to a Frenchman from Lille years ago… He still was working with geomancy, dowsing, experimenting with energy fields and air ionizing. He told me about his experiments. And he wanted to know more about what I’m doing now.

I told him that last summer I had been on a seminar of our spiritual teacher just in his neighbour village. He was astonished and we quickly found out that he knew 2 of my friends living very close by with whom I had been in India last year. He was about to meet one of them today. A small world.

And he told me: “There are guardian angels,  who do in the world a largely unknown work of protecting and connecting people, of weaving links of light. They had woven the link between you and your wife, and I just got the idea to bring you into contact. I tried to do it with other people, but it never worked.” Probably because it was his trying and not the work of the angels.

He added: “A clairvoyant person just told me that today would be a bad day for me, with negative influences.” (By the way, it was the night of no-moon, just before the solar eclipse of today.) I answered, No, I will do my prayers, and they will overcome all negative influences. I had a very good day, and your phone call was just the top of it.”

I smiled and thought, yes, the guardian angel has done a good job to reconnect us.

Read here a follow-up of the story and a later continuation.

An angel in the house of a friend in France.

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  1. sébastien Says:

    hé hé hé very nice story…
    thanx to devatas to have connected me to Master CVV by the way!

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