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Healing and Subtle Energies

Three month ago I wrote in the blog that I had re-found the friend after 23 years who worked as a matchmaker with my wife and me 26 years ago.

Last weekend we went to visit him, together with a young friend who staid with us for a week. The “matchmaker”, Dion, now over 80, is living in the vicinity of the Lake of Constance. Another couple, friends of us from World Teacher Trust, who are living in the area, invited us to stay with them. For me it was a very special weekend.

In bed with the long-haired visitor

Saturday morning I went alone to pick up the “matchmaker” in his little apartment. It was a touching moment when we met again. Though time had left traces in his face, he was lively as before, and quickly we entered into a lively conversation. He is a specialist in dowsing, and my wife wanted to learn it from him, to get confirmation of her own experiments through an experienced person. He also had developed over many years of research a seemingly simple construction for increasing the amount of negative ions in the surrounding. Since the latest of his developments was at the house of another friend, I took him there by car. A surprise.

We came to a house with a huge garden near surrounded by fields and forests, where this friend lived with his wife, an artist. And he was a specialist in geomancy. He showed me the garden with an open air pavilion made by willow branches, where they do concerts and open air expositions, a spiral-shaped lodge which architecture students from Stuttgart had built and a stone circle with a geomantic structure where he made me feel the energies. They had identified certain spots on the ground corresponding to chakras and other energy spots. It was interesting to close the eyes and feel the different energies present.

The garden; the man said a deva is hovering over the lake.

The garden with a geomantic structure.

The “open air” concert / exposition hall, made by willows

Outside the hall

The spiral-shaped pavillion constructed by students of architecture from Stuttgart

An ammonite on the floor of the pavillion

Looking through the roof window

And to the sides

Later we drove to the house of our friends/couple where we had lunch together with an interesting exchange about oscillating and dowsing. In the afternoon my wife went with our old friend into a nearby forest to look for some dowsing rods to do some experiments, while I went with my other friends to a nearby village, where they had a meeting of their local training in a Camphill teacher training house.

The group of about 20 persons is focusing on healing. After a group meditation the lady of the couple spoke about healing through music. She is doing a formation as music therapist and made us experience and describe the qualities of different pieces of music. She explained how music is used in therapy and in which contexts the use of music can foster the healing process. It was a very lively and interesting exchange.

Candle in the centre of the group

During the pause I had an interesting exchange with a naturopath about a seemingly fantastic healing method of Grigory Grabovoi, with numbers. I had read about him before. The naturopath told me she has observed astonishing results with some of her patients.

Next morning after breakfast I went once more to visit Dion, together with our young friend. I hadn’t planned to do so, but he phoned and proposed to show me a healing method he practised years ago while living in Vancouver and where he had very good results: Vivaxis. I found a link to a site which describes the method. With 2 special pendulums he diagnosed 2 colours for me and my young friend. He described how we can use it and we practised a related exercise on a meadow in front of the house.

Back at the house of our friends, other interesting discussions and inputs followed –  an extremely intense and inspiring weekend.

Under the bench

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