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A PC Pralaya and Reincarnation

In Eastern wisdom teachings there is the concept of Pralaya, the state after one creation ended and before another one starts.

A week ago I experienced a “computer pralaya” – suddenly during writing my PC went down. Two, three times I could start it up, but after a few minutes it crashed again, and then it didn’t start up anymore. We were speculating about what was the reason for these crashes – the hard-disk was running on my son’s PC – and so I asked the service desk at my office. Describing the symptoms, the verdict was: The motherboard must be broken, nothing to do.

So while I was at the office, my wife set out with my eldest son to a computer store, where a friend of his is working as a salesperson – and they got a good bargain, a display item.

What came now reminded me of the description of “post-death-experiences” – where the soul withdraws all impressions into the memory stores of the permanent atoms to come back to another landing place / body for continuing its path of experiencing.

For the PC reincarnation we took out the old hard-disk drive and installed it in the new PC to have the data and files saved. But like with reincarnation, not all the many programs ran on the new machine – and all the software with registry entries didn’t do. So – downloading, buying, reinstalling. It was like the soul getting hold over the new body step by step.

Now the new machine is running well, and much better than the old one. How long will the “cycle of manifestation” of this PC incarnation last?

In Eastern wisdom a fish drawing some kind of an ark is the symbol of saving the seeds of one cosmic creation to the other. A work of art of an exposition at a nearby river.

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  1. s├ębastien Says:

    May the great Shivatronic welcome your previous computer in the numeric realm…
    touched by a disciple as you are, it must have been enlightened and its atoms will come back again to shine into new PC… or MAC???

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