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Autumn Equinox Seminar

We had a beautiful autumn equinox seminar with Sri Kumar in Kandersteg last Tuesday to Thursday, with about 85 persons from Germany, Spain and Switzerland. It was a very familiar meeting with profound lectures, nice exchanges and clear autumn weather over the mountains.

View from the hotel window

Here is a short extract from Wednesday’s morning lecture about the energies of Libra:

“Living in balance and also giving that balance to others enables us to receive the grace of the Most High. You cannot give the balance, you can only give the know-how to work it out. That has to be done without exception if you stand balanced in every aspect of life. Even an act of goodwill can become a glamour. If you get excessively connected to the books without the related action you become a bookworm, they don’t give you the balance. You can also get the habit of listening to teachings without practicing, it is also a grip, People can be obsessed with book reading and writing or seminars. Obsession is not desirable in any aspect of life. The law of alternation brings you back to balance.

If you are excessively obsessed with money you lose it, if you are excessively obsessed with health you get sick. If you are excessively obsessed with slim it supplies energies to the weight. Obsessions are avoidable, that is a law. Too many healthy habits can land you in sickness – be moderate. Moderation is strongly recommended. Excess is avoidable everywhere, in every aspect of life.

Don’t be excessive, be moderate, when you are moderate you tend to be nearer to the centre. Balance is in the centre. Centre gives you unfoldment. Only when there is unfoldment you call it a centre. Be in the centre and relate to the circumference. The centre of your being is I AM. You move into the surrounding through your personality with the help of your body. Do not lose the help of the centre. When the centre and circumference stand connected that is when you are in action you are conscious of your action, your speech, your movement. When you are centred in consciousness and move into objectivity there is a retaining the centre-circumference relation, that is wisdom.”

Libra Full Moon, Wednesday night

Fire ritual, Thursday morning

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  1. Dinakar Says:

    In recent times, I understood after 40 years what my grandmother used to say… ‘be in the middle and there will be no problems.’ That is in her own words in Kannada.

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