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Piercing through Veils

The next stage of our journey,  which at first was not planned, but then arranged itself surprisingly, brought us to a new friend near the Chiemsee, east of Munich. Another friend from northern Bavaria had undertaken a long journey to join us.

The whole time it was heavily raining, so that we stayed inside and had again some deep encounters. It was like piercing veil after veil of outer layers of superficial decorations of words and of stories before arriving at the core, after having had our evening and morning meditation together.

Our friend told us about her inner and outer path and how the outer link with our spiritual movement of the WTT had been established about 8 months ago. She spoke about her spiritual work of healing and of helping certain people to gain insights into previous lives. In general I’m very skeptical about such claims and don’t go into any so-called esoteric but mostly illusionary adventures. However, I took advantage of the situation to ask her about the background of an event in my life which had caused some irritation.

By means of a certain help and inner linking to the Master she started telling me events of a previous life, which deeply touched me in a way that it very well explained some attitudes and encounters of my present life. Some ties were resolved and I felt a deep relief, like an old burden falling off. Together with my wife we also had a look into our common past, which again provided some clues to a deeper understanding.

In the afternoon we continued our journey to Munich.

Hourglass in the studio of our artist friend in Munich we visited a day laster

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