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Fostering Spiritual Growth: Planetary Healing Centre and Ramadri

Last Wednesday, during the 11th moon phase, which is known to be a favourable moon phase for healing, our group went to the Planetary Healing Centre near Visakhapatnam. It is a place where there is generally a lot of healing vibrations. It is surrounded by trees, plants and is the beautiful conical pyramid of the healing centre. It is an annual ritual at the group lives in India to go there praying by invoking OM.

Maitreya statue

In the garden around the Maitreya Statue under old trees the group arranged a little altar, and Master Kumar gave us a lecture. Some extracts:


“We get into the occult practices to overcome the patterns that we have, the patterns that bind us, but not he other patterns which do not bind. Transforming the binding patterns into non-binding patterns and concepts is part of discipleship. In this world all are born free. We are all self-born and we are also self-bound. This is our making. By not knowing how to do we have bound ourselves to the body. As I said yesterday, we are knowledge, we are consciousness. Each one of us is a column of consciousness, and we develop our body according to our pattern. Some patterns are natural, some patterns are not natural. What is not natural binds us. What is natural gives us experience, desirable experience. Teaching is firstly to recognize that each one of us has which need to be transformed to have optimum experience as a human. So we take to knowledge and we try to bring it into our lives. The major area where we need to review is our thought patterns, the speech and the actions. We also recognize one more thing that our patterns are stronger than us, much stronger than what we think they are. Therefore we cannot transform the patterns ourselves. We need someone of greater strength than us. Someone who is not bound by patterns. Only such one can help the one who is bound by patterns. For that reason from ancient times man found two ways to worship god who is unbound, or to worship a knower of God, who also demonstrates his unbound nature. That is how following the divinity and following the teacher has become a tradition. God is safe, until you find a teacher with whom you feel completely at comfort, to follow and to transform, to get such a one is again the blessing of the divine. It is the divine only who sends his men to those who sincerely seek. Therefore worshipping the teacher, worshipping the divine has come to be, and the main purpose of it is transformation of the binding patterns.”
It was a heart-thrilling lecture. When afterwards we walked over to the healing centre, the master mentioned to me: “I am giving here the teachings in the most simple form.”

In the Healing Centre we chanted 21 times OM and enjoyed the vibrating silence.

The Planetary Healing Centre

The group singing OM inside the Healing Centre

After lunch (and a swim in the ocean for some, like me) we went to the temple site of Ramadri. Before the entrance to the compound there is now a place where cows are kept by the members of the WTT entertaining the site.


In a little ritual several stone boxes with Sri Ram booklets (writing the name of the vibration of the sound of cosmic Will many thousand times) were installed around a tree, while the air was filled with a sublime melody of the mantram of Sri Ram.

Afterwards the Master addressed some words to the group:
“Ramadri is a place entrusted to us to enable work and to manifest the Divinity. It is more than manifesting expression of the evident divinity. Divinity is hidden in the place like divinity is hidden in al of us and by proper though and action the divinity can be made to express itself out. When it expresses itself out, it is manifested. Divinity is all around. It is within and outside. When we know, further manifestation happens. It gets veiled through matter. India is known to hide its divinity. It is true that within the nature there is the spirit. Spirit is the basis for the form and the spirit can express the form according to the subtlety of the form. As much as the form is gross, so much the divinity is hidden. Therefore the soul which is the other name for the divinity can express itself out, when the veils of matter around the soul are made transparent, are made subtle. That is our experience in this land which has hidden the divinity. Today you came to the healing centre, where the hidden divinity is expressed out through a process of thought, and to be able to express out when you are attuned to divinity.
Many things happen through Ramadri, and the divinity is generally expressed through Sri Rama. Ramadri means the hill of Rama. The hill is dedicated to Rama. Rama means the spirit in matter. The sound Ram stands for cosmic fire, the sound ma stands for mother, nature, Maria. It is the place where there is the fire and the fire is concealed by the matter. And when it intends to express out, it finds its own team of workers, and all those who work tot unfold, to enable enfoldment of divinity, get blessed. That is the work. In any sacred work. As much as you contribute to its expression, so much the divinity gets expressed in us also. As much as we enable it to happen.
Thereafter we shall have to ensure that it is expressed. That is the second step. For manifesting, and then gradually the work of the second logos starts, to ensure that the divinity is not once again hidden. As much as an activity happens it continues to express, otherwise it closes down again. Those who express get blessed. And when the persons who are in charged maintain don’t maintain the expression, it gets closed. That is how many sacred places which expressed have closed down, and now it is the time they are expressed, and it is a global phenomena. The place expresses or closes the divinity according to the human expression. Fulfilling the thoughts the hidden divinity gradually expresses in a form. With every teacher there is an associated work. Work is the means to keep the expression of divinity happen. And hence the work should go on. As much as it goes on, the flame goes on. As much as the work is maintained in a good level of vibration,, the flame is kept growing. There is a very dedicated team of workers to enable the expression to happen.”

While we were sitting in the small open-air amphitheatre overlooking the Gulf of Bengal the school children from the small Mithila school on the Ramadri compound came up to the dais to Master Kumar and Kumari-Garu to receive new clothes and some sweets.

Children of the Mithila School Ramadri waiting for the distribution of clothes

A beautiful meditation in the evening dusk uplifted our souls, and while the stars were coming out, the lights of the ships were moving over the vastness of the ocean. An incredible vibration generated through all the ritualistic activities and the installations of the vibration of Sri Ram enchanted the whole scenery, where a decade ago there had been nothing but an empty hill-slope.

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