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Last Thursday morning after fire ritual the group went to the Bala Bhanu School, where we first visited the classes and then sat in a round with the Master. He asked: “Anyone willing to work in the school as a teacher? … We are travellers of love. Travellers for love and travellers of love. I am very happy.”
Coffee and bananas were distributed to the group. The bananas were from the school garden.
Showing to the Ficus Religiosa tree with three stems spreading its shade over the statue of Master CVV in the school court, the Master said: “This is the tree relating to the energy of the teacher, Dattatreya. Normally in every centre we have a tree like this.”

Master Kumar under the Ficus Religiosa tree in front of the Shrine of Master CVV

A warm welcome at the Mithila school at Kapila ashram, away from civilization in plein nature.

Afterwards the group moved to the Kapila-Ashram in Tadi. Together with the Master we received a warm welcome by the children, the teachers and people from the surrounding. Some children conducted a traditional dance, before we went up the stairs to the school building, a very simple hall, where the children had assembled in front of the pictures of the Great Masters. Children recited some hymns and some welcome words were expressed in Telugu. The Master then spoke to us:

“We are in a chosen place where a man lived in silence for many years. He followed the path of the seers to live in nature, to conduct penance and to move around in silence. Hi did not speeches, he was meditating and moving in silence. There were some servers with him who believed in giving food to the passers-by, since the place is not well-connected with the world. It is a place of the rishis, and the path he followed was that of the ancient-most seer, Kapila. He became finally known as a seer. His son, who is linked to us, Rama Rao, was very young, when he came to Visakhapatnam and joined the printing press Master EK set up. The son is attracted to the Master. As his father passed away, he decided to stay here serving the people to the best of his abilities. He came to Guru Pujas. There are so many children here, who have no access to free school. Not all could be educated because of economics. We believe in giving free education and fee homeopathy. Health and food were never seen as an activity linked to money. But as time moved by these things also became commercial. So people nearby are taken care to give food, bath and rest through the well-meaning people. Food was given free to strangers, education was given free and health too. We wish to follow that path, so we give free health and through the WTT and free food to people who need it.
We are here in a humble way to educate the people in a right direction and health through homoeopathy, Ayurveda and right living and giving free food to people who don’t have enough. These are the tree basics.
This school was started 6 years ago. These children ere found outstanding in their behaviour and examples. They are giving examples to other villages. We give books, clothes, happiness and right orientation, prayer, some rituals. The speciality of this ashram is that people who pass by that hill, which was started by the father is continued, and also the activity of worship of the cow. There are 12 such schools by now. They develop their inner ability and they move forward into life. Yesterday you also saw the children in Ramadri, they are so shining, the get the cow-milk from there, which is of a much higher quality than in the cities like Visakhapatnam and Bangalore. You can strengthen the work. The whole work is an activity to the Divine. All good work is offered at the feet of the Master, not with a personality gesture. It is a drop in the ocean, but it is as rejoicing as the ocean….”

Master Kumar at the place where the founder of the ashram meditated. The last 6 months of his life he just lived from prana energy without any food. He dies some years ago.

Afterward we were guided through the ashram and went to the little shrine with a Siva-lingam, where all of us poured water over it, singing Om Nama Sivaya. After lunch we slowly returned back to the retreat centre.

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