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Pravs World – Inspiring You for a Better Tomorrow

I yesterday got some pictures from a friend with inspiring words coming from ““, which “through its content strives to create a better human being, by cultivating ideas and values, spreading love & peace in this World to make it a better place to live; nurture peace and harmony, to have a human understand other, more importantly understand himself and realize his true potential.”

The header of the site “Pravs World”

They describe themselves as “The World’s most popular and the largest Web Group over the internet. Its probably the only that features a extensive collection of content that relates to inspiration in life and is dedicated to enrich and spread human values. It’s an inspiration to open your mind and touch your heart with words that makes positive impact. It’s an emotion felt by millions of individuals from over 120 Countries.”

You might be astonished about the name – it is the nickname of the initiator, who lives in Mumbai, India, but who doesn’t want to give his personality name because “I believe you should be known for the work you do, and your work should not be known for who you are. Let me be known for the work I do, and once you read this entire page I would seem more like a friend than some stranger.”

Have a look at the site, you find a great number of inspirational messages, and you can subscribe there to different mailing lists with daily inspiring thoughts.

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  1. rosemary cheptoo Says:

    Since i knew the Pravs world through a friend,my life has never been the same.The inspiration thoughts,and also examining your own self.

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