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Ayurveda, Exercises and Experiences

The reason I went to Berlin was to meet the Ayurvedic specialist who is treating me with chronic ear problems and a dysfunction of the digestive system. I had seen him 18 months ago and it became necessary to do some adjustments in the therapy, and the pulse diagnosis cannot be done by phone…

My friends in Berlin had arranged everything for me and saw that I was brought to the place where the Ayurvedic therapist was working. He explained to me that Vedya is the title for an Ayurvedic healer, and not doctor. He is from a long tradition of healers and has a deep knowledge of medicine and healing.

I was again impressed how by feeling the different rhythms of the pulse he was able to locate several problems, some of them were known to me. I was to visit him 4 times during the three day’s stay in Berlin. He first gave me another combination of herb powders and tablets to be taken during these days and explained some health advise.

He trained with me a number of breathing exercises to strengthen the oxigen circulation and to cast off unhealthy mucus. And the exercises expelled quite some mucus from the lungs.

In the next meeting he checked again the pulse and gave some Yoga exercises to stimulate the digestive system and certain energy channels. So some more exercises are adding to my daily routine. Trying them out this morning showed a good energizing effect.

The last pulse check this morning indicated some betterments. So with this “multi-pack” of natural medicines and therapeutical exercises there is a good chance of stimulating a curative effect counteracting the physical defects.

Shiva Shop in Berlin

Ganesha greeting at the entrance

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  1. Dr. Anurag Dixit Says:

    Thats nice to here from you the experience you had regarding Ayurveda, Ayurveda emphasises the natural diagnostic tools like Nadi Pariksha or Pulse Examination, Natural Way of Stool test for ama pariksha etc etc.

    The treatment aspect is also very curious in a way that one can either suppress the disease or remove it from root i.e. shaman or shodhana chikitsa.

    You can also find your body constitution type (one’s innate prakriti) and accordingly with their help one can find what to eat or do and what not.

    To know about your body type you can visit this is an educational and treatment related site and one has to pay nothing to know more about any query regarding ayurveda.

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