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The “Torture Rack” – an Automatic Massage Experience

Yesterday my friend where I staid in Berlin asked me if I would like to go with her to the “torture rack”: An automatic massage system developed in Korea. I was a bit sceptical, but thought I might give it a try. When we entered the small studio, there was a gentle smell of exotic herbs in the air. Two rooms were filled with thermal massage couches, where people were lying, covered with a blanket. We were offered a tea by an elderly Korean lady, and after some minutes one of the couches became free. It was now my turn.

As soon as I had laid down on the warm couch and was covered, a little mechanism with jade stone rollers started moving along the spine, pressing it up a bit at certain points, rolling to and fro. At first it gave me a certain tension, but then it was more and more relaxing. Pleasant smells streamed into the plastic capsule which was put over my head. At the same time another mechanism was waruming my feet. The pressing, kneading and stretching of the jade rollers all along the spine went on for 40 minutes. Their with gentle movements were massaging the different vertebrae from top to bottom – a very vitalising and harmonising feeling.

At the end we got another cup of tea, this time by the Korean husband, who explained us a bit about his work and plans of spreading this innovative massage system, combining different therapy forms with modern technology (they have won a number of prizes with the DWZone-Master massage system) – and this at a very reasonable price.


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