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The Goal Ahead

Last Thursday I was flying with Swiss to Berlin. During the flight they are showing on a flatscreen a map of the route with the position of the plane. Different cities in Europe were marked, but neither Berlin nor any other German cities. When we landed in Berlin it was on the map as if we landed on a green lawn. I had to smile…

It reminded me of the maps we have in our mind, especially the one of our life. We are often heading towards a goal without knowing where and how we are going. But nevertheless we are on a way. If we know the goal, we can orient and adjust the direction.

The plane arrived well, though the sky was clouded. It is incorporated into a network of navigation systems and guiding impulses. Even if the sub-map in the cabin isn’t showing the goal, in the bigger chart system of navigation we were well on the track. So there is also a bigger cartography system, to which we can link up and follow the lines.


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