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Changing the Appearance

Our youngest son (14) yesterday evening dyed his hair. He tried a chestnut brown Henna colour on his blond hair, but it turned out to be patchy and quite red, and he didn’t want to appear out of the bathroom nor go out in the evening. My wife had to save him by rushing to a nearby supermarket to buy a dark brown colour, and so he did a second turn. Afterwards all over the bathroom and on some of the clothes different colour spots were spread.

Not only we, but also he felt at first a bit irritated with the result of his change of appearance – brownish black hair. After returning home in the night he told my wife he would like to go to a barber to undo the dying. He himself is quite cured of dying his hair on his own. We quickly got used to the new outlook, and it’s not bad, but he isn’t very happy with it.

This way he is making his experiences with presenting himself in changing outlooks – in search of “Who am I?” and “what is my effect on others?”

Water Spirit – Artwork in the Kien Valley, photo from today’s excursion

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