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Eastern and Western Minds

A thought from Tuesday’s talk with Sri Kumar came to my mind. He mentioned in our conversation that the Indian minds are generally more lithesome than the minds of Westerners. They don’t hold to an idea like we tend to do here. This makes it more difficult for them to plan and organise, but they don’t get stuck so much in concepts. Their mind is closer to the abstract realms, to the planes of energy or Buddhi. In the West the concrete mind is strongly developed, focused on efficiency and achievement.

For an Indian mind it is easy to look to a theme from many sides, again and again. I am fascinated how Sri Kumar in his lectures elaborates themes of the wisdom teachings from many angles, illustrating them with a variety of lively stories. I myself would think that all has already been said by mentioning a few aspects of a topic, but when you go deeper into it and ponder on different layers and facets, a movement of thoughts gives rise to a flow, which is nourished by the radiance of a subtle energy or light.

Eastern and western approaches… Some Indian chilis

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