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A Forum on Spiritual Astrology in Hamburg

Last weekend I was in Hamburg for the first forum on spiritual astrology organised by members of the WTT-group of Hamburg. We were 21 participants from different parts of Germany, Sweden and me from Switzerland. The meeting was in in a beautiful old hall of Osho-people quiet in the centre of Hamburg. I’m working since over 2 decades with the inner side of astrology, observing time rhythms and movements, and especially working with visualisation. Most of my paintings are inspired by it, and I had done a video (Dance of the Zodiac) for the occasion of this meeting.

There was an intense program:

Birke presented thoughts about the esoteric rulers of the zodiac.

Benjamin, who has developed an astro-program with a special focus on esoteric astrology and is well versed in the symbolism of Greek mythology, introduced his thoughts about Vulcan. He proposed that the hypothetical planet said to be close to the Sun and within the orb of Mercury is not a planet but the mass centre or barycentre of the solar system (scroll down on the Wikipedia page to view the animation. The barycentre is the point between two objects where they balance each other.) And he offered a way of calculating the position of Vulcan in relation to soul-based astrology.

Heinrich and Wolfgang discussed the relations between the 7 rays, the subtle bodies and astrology. They presented an idea how to make an approach to determine the ray qualities of the bodies and the personality with the help of astrology. Wolfgang furthermore gave a committed plea about the house systems using equal houses (because the other systems like Placidus and Koch are not universally valid and the calculation of the MC is based not on the coordinate system of the zodiac but on the coordinate system of the equator of the earth.)

All inputs concluded with a short period of silence and sounding of OM, and we also had group meditations. It strengthened the meditative field of group consciousness which all participants strongly feld.

As a counterbalance to the more conceptual talks I gave anĀ  input about astrology and visualisation. I started with a recitation cum flute music of a chapter from Master EKs Spiritual Astrology. His texts are full of visual intensity and this way I wanted to convey the experience of inner images. I then did an exercise with the group, of opening the inner space while standing and and greeting the 4 directions and the central axis. Then we continued this “inner body work” with an exercise of visualising the planets and the present constellations in the body. I also introduced a visualisation of the cosmic Lords and the Prajapatis. Though it just takes a few minutes to go through the visualisation, it is a complex rhythmic movement through the subtle bodies which enlivens the inner presence. I do it quickly every morning and it helps me connecting the micro-cosmos which I am with the subjective side of the macro-cosmos.

All along the seminar there were lively discussions and exchanges, continuing during the meals and in the evening. The group felt the strong intent to continue this kind of participatory exchange on an annual basis. And for those who like a more regular exchange also with the help of a blog.

Preparing the room

Picture of Rishi Agastya, or Master Jupiter, the central inspirer of Spiritual Astrology

Heinrich from Sweden giving his input

Wolfgang (centre), a long-time astrologer from Hamburg and central coordinator of the meeting, together with Benjamin and Heinrich

Pause discussions

An evening walk along the Elbe

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