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Solar System and the Movement of the Planets

A friend sent the link to a very fascinating online presentation of our solar system and the movement of the planets. You can change the view options, zooming through the solar system and view the movements of the planets as seen from the different planets being the centre or speed up their motion.

2 Responses to “Solar System and the Movement of the Planets”

  1. turpin Says:

    bonjours dabors je tenais a vous remercier d”avoir penser a moi sur la planete mais jaimeraiçs savoir ce quen pense les astrologue sont elle favorable ou âs les ^planetes pour les gemeaus qu isont nee le 3 06 1957veuiller recevoir mon amimes salutation distunguers françoise

  2. Dinu Says:

    Very nice comparative perspective. Gives an idea of the speeds of different planets.

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