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Some Thoughts on Swine Flu and Prevention

In the last weeks the topic of swine flu and prevention, information and disinformation penetrated strongly into my life. In my office you can feel it, not only through the business continuity plans for pandemia situations and the related communications. We now have disinfection devices in every toilet and since last week also at the entrance:


Vaccinations had been going on, and as a member of the job health committee, I was witnessing discussions on prevention and on an info event. I published news, I read articles, I decided already a longer time ago not to do the vaccination.

At home the flood of e-mails with texts about the dangers of vaccination or, rarely, in favour, increased. about the political pressure and the profits of the pharma multis. I saw videos, read, replied to e-mails. I somehow felt an overkill of information. Nevertheless I followed the discussion. Some people asked me what our spiritual teacher, Sri K. Parvathi Kumar, said on the subject, so I wrote to him. He replied:

“It is helpful for people if they take this Swine Flu vaccine, to avoid the risk of the swine flu attack. The swine flu deaths are significant, though in many cases it is cured. Therefore the recommendation for vaccine.”

Some people felt irritated by his reply, the discussion went on. Then a few days ago I got an e-mail from a Canadian friend with a story about a bio-war outbreak in Eastern Europe disguised as swine flu. It was just spreading pure fear, with a mix of details where I didn’t look through. I don’t want to mention further details. I sent it to Sri Kumar and also discussed the matter with my superior at the Red Cross. We analysed the text and found several inconsistencies in it and came to the conclusion it must be a hoax, a very bad, even dangerous disinformation riding on the waves of disseminating panic.

Sri Kumar gave a very good reply to the matter:

“There is fear in humanity and there is business that attends to it. Much can be said on both sides. There are many topics of this kind. Swine flu is but one. There are people who take vaccines and come out of fear. There are people who are bold who do not take it. Nothing happens to them. There are others who follow the bold but are not bold enough; to them their negation could lead them to fatality. By taking a vaccine, you may loose a few coins from the pocket. Vaccines do not stay in the body permanently. It is therefore better for each one to decide. But when generally asked, considering the emotional nature of our groups, it is safer to say yes to the vaccine, than no. … In effect, we leave the decision to each one. According to their conscience they may proceed.”

Today I got a very intelligent and profound e-mail from a friend, a German homeopath with a very long experience, writing about homeopathic vaccination, prophylaxis and treatment in case of an epidemic, proposing Eupatorium perfoliatum C200, saying that an experienced homeopath can treat swine flu, bird flue and other kinds of epidemics with success. She later added about the homeopathic vaccination, that you take a double dose of 4-5 globules of Oscillococcinum C 200 with an interval of 5 – 10 minutes. That this is called a homeopathic vaccination, where you always take a double dose. This gives protection for about 6 months and would need to be repeated again after this time.

I found it a fascinating perspective, and so I like to share it.

These are times where high discrimination is needed to stand through waves of fear and irritation. I think it might still increase. So a steadfast anchoring in one’s higher self is of utmost importance.

Pig in the field – tired of Swine flu news?

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