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Morning Sunrise Impressions

This morning when going with my bicycle to work there was a beautiful golden sunrise. So I stopped in the park next to my office and took a few shots.

Sun rising over Berne, with the Alps in the background

Autumn ambiance over the Swiss Federal Office buildings

Illumination of the statue of the World Postal Union – a globe with women from all continents dancing around

The golden globe and the globe of the planet Earth

Leaving my bicycle back, I went on the little hill in the park for a better panoramic view

A statue greeting the morning sun – a yoga posture?

Enchanted ambiance

Church and, at the left, part of the offices of the Red Cross. My office is just behind

A Buddha statue (at the right) on a balcony, with a spear-like top bearing a Dodecahedron – symbol of spirit penetrating through matter – scene just opposite of my office.

2 Responses to “Morning Sunrise Impressions”

  1. turpin Says:

    tres jolie les photos mersi beaucoup

  2. Rosy Says:

    What a beauty!!!! Thank you for sharing. I also loved the rotating categories.

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