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Communication – Eliminating Blockages for a Free Flow

Communication is a main topic in my life – establishing good relations through a fluent, transparent communication. It is not by chance that I’m working in a communication job.

Communication is not just speaking to others, but to be open-minded and inclusive, and trying to eliminate blockages in the way of a good flow of energies. I yesterday came across a situation where insufficient information caused wrong ideas in my head and shed a wrong light on the situation. I observe this again and again. It can only be cleared by asking and speaking about your perceptions.

This morning I found a beautiful passage about communication in the book “Uranus – The Alchemist of the Age“, by Sri K. Parvathi Kumar, which I would like to share:

“Men tend to be islanders, they build walls around them and do not let others transmit energies nor do they share their problems and sorrows through communication. … From telegraph to telephone, from telephone to cell phone, from cell phone to e-phone there is a progressive invention for most rapid communications. To feel lonely in an age of communication is to fall into a loophole. Try to be communicative and be sharing. …

Men of ego who are highly individualistic and full of pride suffer from self blockage of energies by not communicating adequately with respect to various aspects of life. Catharsis is the need of the hour especially at the emotional and the mental plane. Through the so called privacy and secrecy man built unhealthy but strong forts which do not let even air or life from without to within. Jumping out into the common stream of life, coming out of the fetters of pride and separativity is the true solution of this age. If one tries to sit on the top of the pyramid, the stream of life that flows at the base cares not. Such a one has to climb down to quench the thirst of life. It should be so with a teacher of wisdom, it should be so with the rulers, with the healers, with the specialists, intellectuals, aristocrats and the like. Support of the group though seemingly not strong, is the strength. Uranus drives one towards it.”

In order to get beyond the barriers and fix ideas in your mind communication is of utmost importance.

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