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Inner Light – Dispelling Darkness

Time is not flowing like an even river, there are rapids as well as stagnating times. The qualities are constantly changing, but there are rhythmical movements of smaller and larger cycles, be it the daily succession of dawn, noon, sunset and midnight, be it the monthly cycle of full moon, new moon and the two half-moons, be it the annual rhythm of the ascending and descending arc of the sun with the solstices and equinoxes. If you are not attentive to these rhythms, you will not feel their pulse in your life and make use of the ebb and flow of vital energies. But if you live with these rhythms, you become more and more sensitive for the currents of time and their subtle changes of motion – during the day and in the succession of events. Everything has a beginning, an unfoldment and a reflux into dissolution. (See: Basics of spiritual life, on Rhythmical Living, and the Lunar Messenger on “Rhythmical Living“.)

Yesterday there was the new moon of the month of Libra. In the annual movement the fresh vital impulse starts with Aries around spring equinox, especially the first spring full moon, where Easter is celebrated. In spirituality Aries is regarded as the noon time, where the new manifestation of spirit is at its maximum. On the reverse side we reach the low point at autumn equinox, the midnight of the year, and Libra new moon is considered to be the darkest time of the year – not winter solstice, that’s the time of the new dawn, the rising of the light celebrated as the birth of the saviour.

At Libra new moon they celebrate in the East Dipavali or Divali, the festival of light to disperse the darkness. It’s good to remember the inner light, so that it can grow and shine through. So may the light spread around and give some rays to you, too.


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