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In a previous blog-post I mentioned our visit to a sweets-shop in Hyderabad. It made me think of what sweets stand for. Here in the West they are surrounded by an aura of attraction, seduction, sensual pleasure – and their shadows: calories, and kilograms, bad conscience and the scales as judges of our eating discipline, and the dentist as the profiteer of the caries development. For many, sweets are also surrogates of love and affection.

In the East these sides of sweets are also known, but we also encountered them in another form – Prasad, given after a ritual, as a blessing of the Divine, a visual expression of the invisible flow of divine love. It depends on the awareness whether we eat the same sweet substance for our own sensual pleasure or we take it in the spirit of communion, feeling that we are part of the greater whole, of sweet experience of the synthesis of life.

Some photos from the sweets-shop:






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  1. Bharath Says:

    Dear Ludger, hmm…very mouth watering! Hope you tasted and took few to your home! 🙂

  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Dear Bharath
    Oh yes, we got a big present from Sridhar, for the group and for us – delicious 🙂

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