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Spiritual Fusion of East and West

The second day was dedicated to the spiritual fusion of east and west. In the early morning our group of westerners was asked to come up to the platform for morning prayer. We gathered close around Master Kumar in front of the pictures of the great Masters, in the focal point of the energy, a very uplifting experience.

During the Water Ritual

At 9 o’clock the Water Ritual in honour of the 1st logos, symbolized by a Siva-lingam, started. The melodious recitations vibrated through the air, while the lingam was washed and decorated with flowers, generating a strong vibration in the surroundings.


Afterwards a table was put on the dais with the publications done in the West during the last year and representatives from Switzerland, Belgium and Spain were asked to take seat on the platform besides Sri Kumar, who gave a discourse on the Spiritual Fusion of East and West.

Some extracts:
“Most religions based on emotions are falling off. Emotions are being replaced by clear understanding, leading to pure understanding. That is the plan, of fusion of east and west. In that spiritual fusion the first bell was struck in the 19th century when through HP Blavatsky the grand symbol of the universe called man was given. The knowledge was always there, but it had gone into oblivion. HP Blavatsky came out with the knowledge of the 7 root races, how it was and how it shall be tomorrow. In this huge story every man has a little role to play. This knowledge was further detailed through Mme Alice Bailey. HPB finished her work in 1891, and then there were Vivekananda and otherscoming to the west.

Baileys work has largely helped the western community to understand God to be other than a person. All those who did not believe in Jesus Christ were considered as sinners. This concept was first broken by Blavatsky and then Bailey. Master EK’s effort is in the same direction. His approach is vedantic, upanishadic, meaning he started sharing these keys which are not generally known.

The knowledge was there all the time, with the related numbers and sounds, it was also known in the west during the Mayan and Incan civilisation. All this knowledge disappeared due to fanatic following of persons. When Christ came, he showed the way. People made him a god and forgot his teachings. So after Christ Christianity was formed, after Buddha Buddhism was formed. In India there is no ism, because the teacher did not allow the students to follow him, but to follow the path. That is what is the effort of spiritual fusion of east and west. Therefore I always say, you have to speak of the cosmic, solar and planetary principles, the laws relating to it and show how these teachings were earlier given by the seers. The fusion of east and west means bringing back the most ancient wisdom to humanity, which is called manushya, the mind-dominated beings. Blind following is not allows. Understanding is allowed. In understanding one grows. The substance of spiritual fusion is not a general propaganda; the material is for those who seek it. In all our organisation there is no marketing, it is for people to find out, not for us to make advertisements. Valuable things are always to be found. Precious stones are not found in the bazaar. Wisdom is not generally being made available in the market. The diluted versions of wisdom are available on the market. Diluted versions of astrology are sold by millions. Spiritual Astrology, Spiritual Psychology are sold in small numbers.
What is already together, fusion, is realised in us. We are not fusing anything. It is already there, and it is for us, by our ideation, contemplation to realise it, to contemplate well. For this you have to keep your instrument pure. Don’t get stuck in the mental plane. Spiritual fusion of east and west is a way to relate man to the light and life in him and to the universal light, love. That is attempted in all the books. Let it be so in the huge endeavour.
Let the east and west meet in the heart, it is the best playground.”

“Photo, Photo please!!!”

The lectures (in Telugu) were projected with beamers on screens

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    Thank you very much for sharing this. It really carries a powerful vibe of timeless vedic spirituality.

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