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Deep Roots of Living Spirituality

The last days I had been near Brussels in Belgium visiting members of the local WTT group. They had met over 25 years ago and formed as a group when Master EK came to Belgium giving lectures in the early 80ies. With his inspiration they had build some houses in a little forest about 30 km outside Brussels, to be able to live in nature and lead a life oriented along the spiritual lines outlined by the Master.

Each family has a house of its own, but they frequently meet for meditation and exchange. It was impressive to feel the deep roots formed through the common practice of living spirituality in daily life. Everyone has his own house / sphere, but significantly without fences in between, and this also spreading to the neighbours. In one of the houses there is a meditation room with a 12-pointed star on the floor, surrounding a 6-pointed star, in the middle of which there is a candle and little statue of the Buddha and pictures of the masters, as symbol of contemplation.


The ceiling is a white cupola with structures of energy lines meeting:


There is a beautiful white crystal singing bowl resounding in the space. And when you intonate the OM, it echoes from the wall and the whole space starts resounding.


On the beautiful old stove in the room there is the sculpture of a squirrel, reminding me of the story in the old Indian epic Ramayana, where a squirrel is blessed by Rama, because it is running to and fro on the beach throwing grains of sand into the ocean to help him building a bridge to Lanka to destroy the demon who has stolen his wife: A symbol of selfless service regardless of the eventual outcome.

The house with the meditation room at the first floor

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