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On the Jungfraujoch

My wife and I today went on the Jungfrau (“Top of Europe“). Since the Jungfrau Railways now offer free birthday trips till the end of the month, we used the occasion of my birthday for this “pause” (see the sign on the post van in Grindelwald…). It was a beautiful sunny day, relaxing and full of a clear winter air. Quite a lot of tourists from all over the world were going into the same direction – Chinese, Japanese and Indian travellers, Buddhist monks in ocher colours and a Jew in a traditional dress, skiers – and also a number of “normal” Swiss people…

The air at the top (3450 m or 11333 ft) was rather thin and made us breathe consciously and walk snowly. Here are some impressions of the journey.

A “pause” in Grindelwald – good sign for the day

Radiant sunshine above the Jungfrau, at the “Top of Europe” (3450m)

Object of an art exposition at the Jungfrau of Housi Knecht.

A daw above the “Mönch” (Monk) mountain

Icy winds blowing over the Jungfraujoch

The 11th moon phase at the Eiger North Face

An alphorn at a chalet on the wayside

The valley of Lauterbrunnen at the foot of the Jungfrau on the way back

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  1. Dinu Says:

    Very nice location to visit esp. to celebrate a landmark. I guess it is even better during the summer months.

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