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Imprisoning Free Will

Last weekend my wife and I went to see the new German film “Krabat“, after a novel by Otfried Preußler. In English the book was published under the name of The Satanic Mill. There is a movie trailer with English subtitles, and you find an interesting interview with the producer, Marco Kreuzpaintner.

We read the book in our youth and my wife again some years ago.  A fascinating story of a young orphan boy who becomes an apprentice of a miller-sorcerer who teaches his group of assistants black magic, but also subjugates them under his will – and each year one of them has to die.

The movie is esthetically well done, also the more subtle aspects are presented without getting into cheap tricks. So you see a presentation of an out-of-body experience of the main characters, traveling in their subtle bodies to a village. Though this experience was connected with black arts, it was presented in a very natural way.

The plot of the story – the miller-sorcerer imprisoning a group of students through black magic and forcing them to work – provoked thoughts about experiences we had in a group setting where someone was holding the group over a longer time in his sway. It wasn’t easy to see through the mechanisms and find a way out – just like in the film. It took us years to digest the experiences. The story in the movie didn’t discuss the traumatic dimension of the apprentices, it nevertheless reflected in their behaviour and outlook.

Keeping others’ free will under your control and manipulating them is impeding the inner connection to the soul. See the Lunar Messenger on Free Will and Freedom.

Old millstone in Sweden, photo of a friend

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