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Resonance of Experience

The last weeks had been quiet turbulent at my office,  and it seems that the stormy days aren’t over yet. The launch of the new intranet is approaching and there are many things to keep an eye upon – besides other work going on. I sometimes had the feeling as if my mind was filled to the brim.  So I didn’t take much time for blogging.

Yesterday evening we had the first meeting of three evening themes of our Circle of Good-Will group in a nearby hotel, like we did a few times in the past. The general theme is The Call of the Soul, and the evenings are about 1. Awakening, 2. The Journey, 3. The Fellowship.

We had put an article into the local weekly paper, an announcement in another and distributed flyers in the circle of friends. There had been no reaction from any “outsider”, but a few friends from the yoga group of my wife and members of our group came, all together we were 9 persons.

At first it took me a moment to get into the flow of speaking. We started with singing three times OM and a little invocation and this broke the ice. Somehow it opened the inner doors and the thoughts flowed smoothly and with inspiration. I had prepared a powerpoint presentation (see the German version, English will follow later) with beautiful photos mostly of sunrises from all around the world. Soon there was a magic spell in the room, which continued the whole time. It is fascinating to experience the subtle presence and sweeping away the dross of everyday troubles and the previous flurry. The thoughts from the wisdom teachings are so uplifting, and everyone in the room felt their inspiration.

After a little pause my wife conducted a short meditation: We sang 21 times OM and then observed the silence for 10 minutes. Afterwards everyone said what he or she experienced during that time. It is fascinating how the field created through the group meditation gave all of us an experience of deep silence and relaxing inner expansion. You cannot describe this experience with words, it needs to be experienced…

However, when you share the experience after meditation the words still resonate with the taste of the experience and give a clearer understanding.

Sunrise over the Lake Titicaca, photo of a friend

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