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Vital Force of Flowing Water

Not far from our home there is a beautiful site where the river Aar runs fast, but for a while without much turbulences. The water was turquoise-blue and great for swimming. Yesterday the river had 16° C, and today it was 18.5°. There is a public swimming pool with much warmer water, but the water in a pool is stagnant and without the vital force a flower water has. It feels like dead. The eastern wisdom teachings know this since long, but here people usually don’t have an understanding of the energetic background.

I had two short swims yesterday, the cold made me breathe fast, so I didn’t go in for a longer time. But today it was great, very refreshing. I walked up the river for about 500m and then went in. You have to do some quick strokes to get into the middle of the river, and there you can let yourself carry forward by the stream. You only have to see that you stay in the flow.

There is a lot of pranic energy around, I always feel in the river that all tensions in the body are quickly washed away. The prana force of the sun adds to this, if it is not too strong. Many waters are polluted and you can’t dare swimming in them, so it is a good chance that here is a river where the quality of water is still good. Though the airport isn’t far away and starting jets make some noise from time to time, the nature now is abundant and I hope that the weather will stay well – some minutes ago there were dark violet clouds and thunder and lightning.

Swimming in the river Aar in Berne City, not far from the Federal Government

The river Aar in Muri, near our home, at another time of the year.

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