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Starting – and a Laptop Pause

A long blogging pause of two weeks. The reason why:

We had already packed everything for the journey to Iguazu, Brazil. I just wanted to do a backup of my laptop before leaving. For some reason the software I had installed didn’t recognize the external harddisk. Oh, I thought, that’s time to install the new version which I had bought some weeks before.

When strying to re-boot the laptop after installation, nothing happened, the screen remained black. My son said: “You have taken out the installation CD too early”, he inserted it and got the laptop running again. Fine, I thought, finished some mails, shut down the computer and put it into the rucksack.

At Zurich airport I wanted to check something on the laptop, but the screen remained black. The CD with the software was at home and we were ready to take off, and me with my black laptop.
I wanted to take notes from the seminar with our spiritual teacher. O.K., I said to myself, it seems this time your laptop wants holidays from you. A bit sad I put it back into the rucksack.

We had a beautiful, smooth flight, where everything went like in a big flow. It was a big jump through the night, via Frankfurt, Sao Paulo further on to Iguazú Falls near the Argentinean border. At the hotel there were already several friends, from Germany, Venezuela, Argentina, Spain, a cordial welcome like in a family meeting.

I mentioned the story of the broken laptop to a friend from Berlin, and she said: Oh, I have mine with me, but I don’t really need it during the seminar, you can use it.

So I could write my notes, but didn’t blog. We came back last Monday night. I got the laptop running again on Tuesday, but the week left no time for posting anything, though there were so many impressions. So here it goes again.

Approaching Iguazu – over the city

A treetop full of orange flowers in front of our hotel window.

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