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Cages of Concretised Mind and the Free Flow of Fresh Life

Whereas nature is very beautiful in our surroundings and breathes a wide and uplifting air, it seems that man is doing his best to create for himself cages to imprison the soul. On a nearby meadow shoe box-like gray blocks have been set up and are still being constructed, devouring the green:


They are sold with the euphemistic slogan “Living in the Orchard”, but the ambiance they radiate is like living in the suffocating gray-in-gray of materialistic life:


It is a high-standard settlement in a rich municipality near Berne, and the blocks are filled with shops, a bank, a large underground supermarket, old people’s homes and offices. The whole is very symbolic of the mental attitude in sway: The objective life is developing, but the subjective life is starving. The intellectual mental concepts keep on repeating themselves everywhere along the same lines:


Planning is a mental process, ruled by rules and regulative restrictions, restricting the free flow of ideas, which is in tune with dynamic, ever new original life. A life spreading comfort and well-being, beauty and cordiality. Thus the outcome of mentally crystallised planning is but repeating the same square-head patterns, the cube being the symbol of matter ruling over spirit. Ironically the name of the building company is “All real” – but which reality? – the outermost, concrete-tized.


The rhythms and forces of nature seem to be kept outside, and they, too, seem to be helpless in trying to reach man:


Snow-White and some dwarfs in a nearby garden are losing their colours, and people look at these beings like past superstitions, having themselves lost the inner view of subtle realities:


But although a cold wind was blowing yesterday, bringing snow instead of gentle spring breezes, there are fresh colours on the way:


And although the birds still are suffering from ice and a backlash of winter


you find everywhere already the forces of spring at work:


And there is not only a sunrise in nature, but you find also new forms of human life seeking expression.


So spring is in the air, an Aquarian breeze at Easter, lifting the souls up from crystallised stagnation. Even in mainstream society.

Photos from yesterday and this morning in our village

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