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Outer Caves and the Cave of the Heart

Yesterday the group went to the Borra Caves and the Anathagiri Hill Resort. Before the journey our spiritual teacher, Dr. Kumar, gave us an introduction to the tour of the day (notes from memory):

“In many parts of the world there are caves, and especially in India many caves were used by initiates for meditation. Caves are ruled by Scorpio and these caves represent the caves of the heart. Through the outer cave you can reach the inner cave more easily during meditation. In the innermost part of many caves there is a lingam, an oval stone symbolising a double-pyramid, as a symbol of the cosmic egg, the first spring-up of creation. So inside the Borra caves there is a little hill on which there is a little cave with a lingam. You can be there for a while with an incense stick. singing Om Nama Sivaya. Many of the caves are subtly connected to the holy centres in the Himalayas. Later in meditation you can envision sitting in the cave meditating there, this will facilitate the meditation experience of entering into the cave of the heart. The innermost is being opened from the other side.

The lingam at the innermost of the Borra Caves, the symbol of the cave of the heart.

When going to a holy place, you should go like pilgrims and not like tourist. Most go like tourists and only experience the outer. Try to see the inner and keep contact with the experience. I never go on picnic tours, there is always a purpose behind. I will accompany you in thoughts, meaning I will not come with you on the journey.”

At the outskirts of Visakhapatnam the bus made a short stop near a yellow house, in which Master EK had been living for a while. After 3.5 hours bus-ride – the old bus climbed up the serpentine roads in the 1st and 2nd gears only – we reached the Borra Cave area, where there were many Indian tourists around.

The bus climbing uphill

On the way down to the caves monkeys were jumping around and observing us. On a table there was written that the caves were about 150 million years of age. And the scientists had found traces of settlement dating back some 50.000 years ago. Deep down the valley a river was running, also nourished by the waters going through the cave the river was called Gosthani, meaning cow-udder. The mouth of the cave opened wide and from the top of the first huge hall light was falling in from holes covered with trees.

The huge entrance of the Borra Caves with the stairs

The stairs run down and lead to other huge caves with stalactite and stalagmite formations. We climbed up a number of stairways to reach the rock with a little temple-cave within the cave, the innermost of the heart. A priest was sitting there besides some pictures of Shiva and a lamp and gave a blessing to the pilgrims. In the cave there was place for 2-3 persons. Standing on the stairs, the group intonated OM Nama Sivaya, the sound reverberated through the hall, through the atmosphere charged with strong, but soft spiritual vibrations, which my wife called “condensed heart energy”. Later in another part of the cave the group assembled singing the holy word OM for a while, before coming back to the surface – an impressive experience. On some of the photos I later discovered again that energy balls could be seen, which I have already described some months ago.

Energy balls appearing on the photos of the meditation inside the Borra Caves – signs of the energy of subtle beings.

A hole at the top of the first part of the cave

Afterwards the bus went along the slopes of another hill to bring us to the Anathagiri Hill Resort, a tourist resort, where a beautiful lunch was already waiting for us. After a pause we returned back to Visakhapatnam through the beautiful sunset colours and the nightfall.

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