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Sexuality, Biographical Inconsistencies and Regulations

The last weeks my wife and I met several situations with people where in some way or another sexuality was playing a decisive role: young couples searching their common ground and way, partners working on their relation, persons having divorced looking back at the “lessons learnt” and the way they now are going their path alone. One lady, in the later part of her life, was thinking about the different little affairs she has had besides her marriage. It was a matter of keeping up a façade of normalcy, of what to share and what to hide.

Hiding is often closely related to sexuality, especially with amorous adventures, but it seems that when you hide parts of your life’s biography, the tendency of hiding spreads to other parts of your behaviour. The “breaks” in the biography give rise to inconsistencies, and your personality tends to develop in roundabout ways.

When you are trying to take to the spiritual path, inner transparency becomes of increasing importance. If you are transgressing the natural regulations – the “laws of dharma”, as they are called in the east – the flow of your energy gets impeded and causes disturbances in your character – and this normally without your noticing it. This has nothing to do with moral conventions, but is a matter of cause and effect.

Today you can observe much ignorance in society as per these rules and regulations.Talking about it in a natural way is very much loaded with a variety of barriers. Nevertheless it is obvious that the way you deal with partner relations and sex has a deep influence on how your life evolves.

In the book “Mithila. A New Age School Syllabus” there is an interesting caption on dealing with sexuality in the chapter on Money and Sex, which is of relevance for the spiritual path. You might also like to read the Good Will in Action-newsletter on Dealing with Sexuality.

Entrance of an erotic shop in Zurich. This kind of dealing with sexuality creates an obscuration towards the higher realms of life.

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