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Subtle Connectedness

It’s now three weeks ago that my father passed. Everyday life has taken over again. There had been quite some talks with family and friends around the passing, and it had opened doors to some profound conversations. Even at my office a woman, with whom up to now I never had exchanged about anything private, spoke to me about the situation with her mother, who just had to go into an old people’s home and where she had to dissolve the house. Others spoke about their encounter with the death of loved ones and how it had affected their lives. Again others shared reflections about experiences of pain, of transformation of relations, of farewell situations.

It was not just a casual expression of sympathy, but the passing of my father stirred in them – and also in me – thoughts touching regions about which you normally don’t speak. It was like an opening of souls, and expression of a bond of a subtle connectedness. New qualities of relation were forming.

Complexity of relation – picture sent by a friend

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