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A Deceptive Path

Some days ago a person from another part of the world wrote to me and asked for a very effective mantram. It should help him to make his mind open, so that he can become more intelligent, get a better memory and can more quickly reflect and reason, since he is feeling a bit tired in his studies.

I explained him a bit about working with sound and the significance of mantrams, so that he might find a way. Many people think they can use mantrams to develop special skills or even powers. It is quite a delusion, leading you onto a deceptive path towards disappointment. Master EK gave a good explanation in one of his lectures, explaining the purpose of yoga (: spiritual practices):

“Don’t deceive yourself by believing that by practising yoga or spiritualism, you will get some benefits. The very benefit is the ease and happiness you experience. And the path itself is the goal. And if you believe that there is something beneficial out of it, better stop it, because you will be utterly disappointed after sometime. For example, some people begin to practise yoga for what they call ‘powers’. They are deceiving themselves, because God is not a fool to confer powers for certain practices… If people believe that their luck will increase with the practice of yoga, it is false, because the very idea of luck is foolish and everything depends upon how we do things and how we think and our motives in doing.”

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