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Crises for Awakening

A friend wrote a me a few days ago that at the moment her children are all going through an intense flue. On my inquiring about a remark she made she mentioned that she has gone through difficult times in her life. She has experienced a miscarriage and a death of a child at premature delivery. Also at her own birth she nearly had died. She wrote: “These are deep, far-reaching experiences, some kind of an acid test in order to change a dimension.”

Many people would feel washed-out and would quarrel with destiny, when they have to go through such blows of fate. She wrote: “I went so deep that I wanted to die.” The crises shook her and mobilised her energy. Thus they helped her to awake and to activate her aim in life. “Now I am thankful and full of joy for having lived this life.” Her energy is really impressive and inspiring, and she is expressing a deep, practical sprirituality.

I have encountered several persons in my life who said it was only through a deep crisis that they opened up to the spiritual dimension in life.


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