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Playing with Subtle Fires

Some days ago a friend wrote me and told me about experiences at a sensitivity training seminar. There they were asked to see into the “chakras” of other participants and describe their experiences with sensing these energy centres in the human body.

The interest in subtle experiences is spreading, and many people are experimenting with the chakras. There exists a huge amount of books and courses in the “esoteric supermarket”. Though this field is very fascinating, the wisdom teachings caution very much about such “playing with fire” and advise not to focus on the chakras. It is like trying to open a flower which is still in the bud-form. It needs time and light, the flower will unfold by itself. Using force or techniques to open the flower will destroy it. I have come across people who have experimented too much in these fields and caused psychic damage to their lives. You’d better leave the development of these centres to nature and focus on doing something useful for life.

When the energy centres blossom naturally, they are described as lotuses. They give rise to a beautiful development of consciousness. You probably won’t cut them off and sell them like the merchant in a road in Pondicherry, India, January 06:


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